Lesley Creasser Guymer

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Lesley Creasser Guymer

Lesley Creasser Guymer is a poet, author and scriptwriter originally from Yorkshire, now residing and working from Congleton, Cheshire.

Lesley is a founding member of West Kingston Productions Ltd. - a company set up with composer Jack Mitchell Smith to further realise their mutual project - 'Morella' - a gothic opera for which Lesley has adapted the story from Edgar Allan Poe's original tale and written the lyrics.

Aside from this, Lesley has had work published or produced under West Kingston Productions in the form of her poetry anthology - 'My Life in Poetry' - as well as the lockdown inspired one woman play -'Girl in Isolation', which debuted to an enthusiastic audience in October 2021.

As well as working towards a radio interpretation of the latter, Lesley also has two book in the pipeline. Both science fiction, 'Second Time Round' inspired by a classic Christmas film, and 'Wallace', a semi-biographical, part fiction, part sci-fi account of Wallace Hartley, bandleader of the RMS Titanic who went down with the ship on that fateful night in 1912.

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