Based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, 'Morella' tells the story of a young woman who longed for immortality.

A gothic tale of horror, tragedy and love, with a story adapted by Lesley Creasser Guymer and a stunning score by Jack Mitchell Smith - 'Morella' is a dark but beautiful journey into the beliefs of a 19th century fishing port.


Concept Album

"Morella" is currently being developed as a concept album for public release. West Kingston Productions are very excited to announce the 2021/22 recording cast;



Morella / Daughter - Alex Allison

Narrator - Micheal Daws

Pastor - Tom Blackwell

Lead Sailor - Warwick Nixon

Young Sailor - Eddie Melling

Midwife - Nicky Evans

The Ancients - Rosanne Priest / Rosie Carlisle / Patsy Phillips


Flutes - Michael A Grant

Clarinet - Frances Averre

Bassoon - Michael Kearley

Trumpets - Colin Jones

Drums and Percussion - Kieran Newport

Piano - Jack Mitchell Smith

Violins - Roger Mo

Cello - Jessica Sharratt

"Morella - Passages from a Gothic Opera"

"Morella" is West Kingston Productions' original project, and is the one that brought wordsmith Lesley Creasser Guymer and musician Jack Mitchell Smith together.

Work commenced in 2010, fleshing out the original short story to substantiate a feature length piece of work more fluidly than Poe's original. This took years to perfect, bringing in the setting of the sea, alongside the introduction and development of some new characters.

The first performance excerpts from "Morella" was at King Edward Street Chapel on Saturday 21st June 2014, as part of Macclesfield's Barnaby Arts Festival. The show was a huge success, selling out the chapel to such a point that people would be turned away!

The following gallery shows some promotional and rehearsal shots for what would be named;

"Morella - Passages from a Gothic Opera".