A Musical Gift for You...

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Help to Shape your Very Own Piece of Music!

Whether you are looking for a commemorative gift for a special occasion, or you would like to cherish your own memories in a very unique way, we are here to help.

Our 'Musical Gift for You' package is your opportunity to be a driving force behind an original composition or song - even if you aren't musical yourself!

Brought to your by our very own composer in residence - Jack Mitchell Smith - this service can provide you with not only a beautiful piece piece of music, but a whole host of other options to embellish your composition (see gallery above).

Don't forget to downloaded our free PDF file on how to write your own lyrics - it may just help you take your first steps!



"WOW is all I can say about West Kingston Productions! Jack created an amazing classical movement in four short parts, based on a few photographs that were sent to him. The music completely captures the mood of the pictures, I feel like I could be sat there whilst it is playing. I can not recommend this service enough! A fantastic idea for a very unique gift, to mark a special occasion or just because you want a piece of music that you have collaborated on!"

- Jacqui

"Working with Jack Smith to produce a piece of music that is personal to me has been nothing short of inspirational. Jack oozes musical talent from his every pore. Combine this with his commitment to produce something unique and original, tailored to my story, and the result is one of the most powerful and emotional gifts I have ever purchased. The Musical Legacy product is quite simply epic. Jack is such a lovely, supportive person too. Nothing seems too much trouble in his determination to create the perfect music/artwork gift for that someone special or for that important event. I cannot recommend West Kingston Productions Ltd and Jack Smith highly enough."

- Keith

A gorgeous thoughtful gift from my mom to me on my 40th! Beautifully preformed and presented in a lovely box and pretty USB stick. A gift that is so personal and I can cherish forever! Thankyou West Kingston productions!

- Kate

A Musical Gift for You

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