A Story Ten Years in the Making....

To introduce West Kingston Productions Ltd., we take you back to 2010 - the birth of a brand new project.

During a function that they were both attending, the conversation between Jack Mitchell Smith and Lesley Creasser Guymer drifted towards their individual creative talents. Jack had a concept of a complete musical score and was looking for a lyricist to adapt the story. The project inspired Lesley - who was already versed in the art of writing - to collaborate.

Together they created and completed the full length musical - "Morella"

With plenty of other projects independent of their collaborative effort, Jack and Lesley formed a company under which to produce and release their work. The story, however, does not stop there.

2020 saw a big change in the world, and many people were inspired to follow their dreams! West Kingston Productions Ltd. grew to such a responsibility that there was only one logical step - to provide  fine words and music to a greater audience.